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So far, I have written 4808 words of my NaNoWriMo novel.

And this cold is still with me 😦 thus no report yesterday. If I can, I really should go in to work tomorrow so I can pay those pesky bills. I’ve been sleeping with a hot water bottle against my chest, which my cat really likes (the copious amounts of sleeping, and the hot water bottle). Which means, that today I slept, and slept, and wrote a bit (with the hot water bottle tucked to my chest as best I could) and that’s about it.

I keep thinking of things as I write, plot and character development. Which is cool – I’m learning about the story as it unfolds. What’s tough is that I have to take notes on what I’m thinking and discovering as I go, and not go back to edit every time a finer point or further development discovers itself in my brain. Well, not any time, at that, even when new material contradicts previously written material. My sister and I came up with a phrase that we are using as our NaNoWriMo motto this year: It doesn’t matter.

Examples –

I just thought of a plot development that probably negates the last three pages I just wrote… answer: It doesn’t matter. Keep writing.

This is a stupid story. Who wants to read anything this derivative? I mean, look at the themes: society on the verge of falling apart because internal factions cannot agree on how to deal with external threat to culture and society… heroine must travel to find mother whom everyone thought had perished (well, it’s a little more complicated, but I can’t give it away)… there are only three Daughters of the Spirits when there must be four, and the spiritual leader of the people is about to die, what will happen? answer: It doesn’t matter (that I think my writing is derivative drivel). Keep writing.

I can’t think of anything to write… answer: It doesn’t matter. Keep writing.

Anything else? Sure, there’s plenty. Answer? You guessed it – it doesn’t matter.

Keep writing.

*update* 5022 words so far. I know it’s not much, but it is the revised number before I hit the hay.

Have hot water bottle, am ready to sleep.