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Got more writing done today – and found a widget / link thingy that shows my updated word count. It’s down the left hand side of the page* under the NaNoWriMo participant badge. Cool! But I’ll still tell you that my word count thus far is 11,604. Broke into the quintuple digits there, folks. [*I decided to move the badge to the front of the line! It’s a large part of what I’m doing here, after all.]

I am also pleased to report that I am accomplishing a fair amount of laundry. Walgreens has a sale on a laundry detergent we use when we can’t afford the Seventh Generation brand, so we bought four bottles. We will use them. Then I noticed that the mittens I was wearing were felted wool. No, I did not notice any larvae wriggling on them. Thank goodness.

Starting to approach my antiheroes / villains. It occurred to me that I must write the opposition. That is an element I was prepared for and actually had developed in the SciFi piece I’d like to write (it was actually my first choice for my NaNoWriMo project). One antagonist in that story is an über-powerful CEO. And I like her. She creeps me out and even her humility is hubristic, and I think she’s wrong wrong wrong, but I like her. I can listen to her talk and feel the frost crystals crystallize my skin, feel my brain shrink from the fascinating darkness, yet not move a muscle, even to blink.

But in the fantasy piece I’m actually working on, I haven’t really met my antagonists yet. There’s the ruler of the Sun People, who will war with the People (of which the limited 3rd person POV character is one), but she or he is a distant tyrant or distant war-monger or distant crazed religious zealot (kinda redundant, I know) who is determined to assimilate the People and their lands and broaden the influence and power of the Sun People. But I don’t know her (or him). I don’t know where she’s coming from, why she’s gotta take over, what her justifications are, anything. Don’t even know if it’s a women, what she wears, how her people and culture are different from the People’s. They’re to the North and by the mountains is what I got. In essence, I haven’t met the big bad yet.

There are also some antagonists from within the community of the People, as well. Basically, they want to change the way things are run. And this causes instability and turmoil at a time when it is crucial that the People stay united, focus on how they are going to counter the People of the Sun. This dissension could lead to their defeat and assimilation, or it could destroy the culture from within. Or both. I understand the local antagonists more than I do the big bad. But they are far from the fleshed out, dynamic, three-dimensional characters I want them to be.

“Writing a story without presenting a meaningful opposing force is propaganda.” – Ronald Tobias

“As a fiction writer you need to be the most honest person in town … while you write. And being honest, you know that you are not morally superior to your characters (or to your reader). – (probably from) Jerry Cheever, Immediate Fiction

I don’t want to write propaganda. I’d better get honest and talk to some characters and see what they tell me. I hope I know how to listen.