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Woohoo! Crested 15,000 words today! That’s some twenty-two single-spaced pages.

The illness is getting better (hurray), the infestation seems cleared up (crossing fingers, probable hurray) and I’ll get to move back into the bedroom soon (if I don’t see anymore wriggly larvae).

And bigger hurray – I think I met my main antagonist tonight. I’m not sure of her motivation, though greed and power hungry ambition supported by those spirits of chaos and decay are a part of it … but what got her to that point, I’m not sure of yet. Maybe it runs in the family … as these things are not unlikely to do. But. I met her. We talked. I think she could be cold and ruthless, and I kinda like that. There don’t seem to be many calculating and ruthless women out there in literature land. Please, leave me a note if I’m forgetting someone(s). Other than in fairie tales; there’s plenty of chop ’em up and feed ’em to the wolves if need be types there. Well, this is a fantasy piece, and that genre tends to follow in the fairie tale path, if broadly. Hmm. And I don’t think she’s going to turn into the type that seeks forgiveness in the end. I think she’s going down in all her evil glory, if she goes down. There will be no begging for forgiveness, no recanting. Unless it’s in her best interest. Which is what it comes down to. Who’s number one?