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I was updating my “about” page as I thought it would be a good idea to include links to the websites of writers whose work has given me hope, thrilled me, entertained me, given me something to think about and talk about, etc. Thereby, I caught up on my reading of Catherynne Valente’s site, and am reminded how little I actually do, because look at this:


“That’s everything that I’ve had published in 2011: novels, short stories, essays not counting the blog. (Not actually though, the Wyverary Govournesse webfiction and A Silver Splendour, A Flameare not pictured, because we didn’t have any more screens to show online stories on!)

It’s just shy of half a million words of fiction.”

and this:


“Today is the day when All My Writing comes out.”

Though I may never approach the awesome prolific-ness of Catherynne Valente (really, I simply won’t – she has insomnia, which I do not envy her, while I suffer on the other end of the spectrum) I am encouraged to continue with my writing, because simply knowing it is humanly possible to write that much, is inspiring.

Now go read her awesome work.