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Hello everybodies,

Here it is, the half-way point, the 15th of November. And I’m on target! A wee bit ahead, actually. Word count: 26,238!

To keep the pressure on, my goal will be to finish the 50,000 word NaNoWriMo challenge before the deadline of November 30th at midnight. I am usually working on projects up until the last minute, rushing to get it done and hand it in, often breathless and sweating from the running to get it in on time. Not this time folks! At least, I am setting an earlier deadline to rush to. Similar, but different enough as to be different and a challenge.

Also, I’d like to entertain the possibility of including/incorporating into my story an element that someone else suggests – someone like you! My Oma would tell my brother and me stories every night before bed, when we visited her in the little village she lived in (and still lives in, actually). She pulled the feather beds up and tucked us in, wishing us a good night. We asked her to tell us a story, please, please. She agreed, but asked us pick three things we wanted her to include in the tale. We wanted red dancing shoes, a pot that turned everything placed in it to gold, an enchanted forest, a talking owl … I curled up under the blanket, and listened with rapt attention. She told wonderful, enchanting stories.

Now it’s my turn to tell a tale, and I’d like to ask you for a detail or a prop or a place you’d like me to include. So post a reply if you think of something you’d like to see in the story. It’s a fantasy story; the main character is the youngest of the four Daughters of the Spirits, Tree Daughter; plot point: the fourth Daughter is missing; their grandmother, the Seer, was a Daughter of the Spirits before she was chosen to guide the People, she was River Daughter; the Spirit’s gift to the Daughters is called the Sight, and it runs strongest in the one chosen as Seer; their lives are agrarian-based, community is important, as is consensus, they practice art for its own sake, as well as a form of spirituality; the big bad is the Queen (as yet unnamed) of the land to the North.

Thank you, everyone, for your support.

Tomorrow I write on!