Hello everyone,

A quick update before I scamper off to work (the one that pays the bills):

Day 21 of 30, and I’ve written 35,267 words of my novel! That’s 267 words above par.

There were some days I questioned my sanity and motivation… but here we are, day twenty-one and over thirty-five thousand words into a story that I might not otherwise have written. Thanks to NaNoWriMo for a ridiculous challenge, and you for your wonderful support and encouragement, and my own crazy audacity and faith.

Just think, I have only about 15,000 words to go to “win” the NaNoWriMo challenge. If I had three or four days of excellent writing focus and verve, I could pound that out over the Thanksgiving weekend and be finished before the official deadline. That sounds like a revised challenge. Hmm…

Sanity, at least, is still in question 🙂