Somehow I knew it was going to be today. Earlier today I made sure I had added Clarion and Clarion West’s e-mail addresses to my contacts so that the results of my applications would not bounce.

Well, Clarion has written back and I am sadly not among the chosen this year. Goodbye chance to work with Jeffrey Ford. Sigh. Of course there is the very likely possibility this was not my only chance to meet him and have worked on writing with him. I was just so excited when I saw he was teaching one of the weeks at Clarion! He’s an amazing writer who has clearly tapped into that part of the psyche that I am trying to get a little closer to. It’s not unlike a wild animal and the less experienced of us seem to come lumbering up, all loud and crashing through the underbrush. Needless to say, it gets scared and takes off without waiting to see what sort of oaf this is, and the most I can write about it is from seeing its tail-end running away. I’ve got the feeling that if someone can teach the techniques of approaching such a wild beast it is Mr. Jeffery Ford.

Still have Clarion West and Odyssey to go. Well, an Odyssey application to finish, first. It helps getting in if you fill out all the information they want and send it to them in a timely manner. Oh, and I still have Breadloaf to hear from. But they don’t notify people until much later.

We all know what I’ll be doing next year – applying again.