Oh ho ho… have had neither time nor mental space to write lately (not the entirety of my silence, dear reader, it is true, these last two weeks were especially ridiculous however). That thing I mentioned in my April 23rd blog, it is happening. It is happening and it is taking most of my time and energy, both physical and mental. It involves more bureaucracy than you can shake a tree at. And in one week from today, we’ll be moving into it!

But I have also realized, again (life’s lessons we just keep coming back to – as life evolves so does what we’ve learned, or we need to re-learn), that I must write. I’ve started this blog, and though it is not necessarily what I think it should be, both style and content, it is here and it is what I’m doing (and if I waited until I’d perfected the plan I’d never have started blogging). And I can’t get better at blogging or at making this blog what it could be if I don’t start somewhere. Kind of like writing, ainit? Funny that.

Therefore, dear reader, I am renewing my pledge to develop this blog and my writing for it. I give myself permission to make mistakes – if I have your permission to stumble and keep trying, I shall do so. Well, if I have your permission to you can keep reading, and if I don’t then you’ll have to stop.

Included in this renewal is a renewed focus on reading (I’ve been the most scattered reader this last year or two…. really, just ridiculous), so that I can write about what I’ve read and you can share your thoughts as well and won’t that be great! I’m currently struggling through (and enjoying! don’t get me wrong) Moonwise by Greer Gilman and have joined a Greer Gilman discussion group on Goodreads (which I will link to later as time is running short and I must off to work – but I’m writing a new post, like I said I would, even if I don’t have the time to perfect them (and link added!)). If you like a challenge, enjoy language and its textures, if you steep yourself in myth and legends and fantasize your own or used to when you were a kid (it’s like riding a bike (I was about to type “dolphin” for “bike,” not sure why), try Moonwise. Gorgeous. I have never before not understood words and enjoyed it this much.

So, today I have renewed my pledge to write you regularly and to focus on reading so that we may discuss those wonderful, magical, powerful objects we call books.

I’ll do what I can this week… not much, but I’ll keep you updated… I’ve got to buy and move into a house, after all. Maybe some Arrietty live there. Or gnomes. Or fairies. Maybe a portal into another world is tucked beneath a dormer… I’ll let you know.