NaNoWriMo approacheth. I logged on to the site to see what they are offering those such as myself who are looking to get ready: they have pep talks, forums, and cool swag.
I also found my description of the novel I wrote last year, Daughters of the Spirits:

The Sight is a gift given by the four Spirits to four people each generation. Those chosen are known as the Daughters of the Spirits. Every other generation a Seer is chosen. As the only human who knows the Word of Life, the Seer guides her people as both a spiritual and political leader. The Word of Life passes from the Seer to her successor on the Seer’s deathbed. The Word contains knowledge from the spirit world and holds great power over physical beings. It is therefore also called the Word of Power, and the Word of Death.
Daughter of Tree Spirit, Thorn, is the youngest of the Daughters of the Spirits; she has powerful visions that rack her body and mind. If she can learn to control them she could become the next Seer, and possibly the most powerful one her people have ever known. But her grandmother, the current Seer, is dying and with only three Daughters present the question of balance and continued peace is called into question. When the power-hungry Queen of a neighboring land hears of these troubles she sees an opportunity to ensure her dominion through their demise.

Sounds pretty good, if I may say so myself. Maybe there is something salvageable in what I’d written after all. I haven’t looked at the novel since NaNoWriMo 2011. I was just happy to hit the word count. I viewed it as an exercise of sheer quantity and determination, not of quality and useful material. Perhaps I was too harsh (not that what I’d written doesn’t need major over-haul and reconstructive surgery, as all first drafts do… because it does.)

So, to get me thinking and motivated I plan to get my title and synopsis together for the 30 Covers, 30 Days. From The Office of Letters and Light which is responsible for NaNoWriMo: “30 lucky novelists will be chosen to have a cover designed for them. One novel, one cover, each day of November. But this time there’s a little bit of glorious news! For one thing, we’ve got two incredible new design powerhouses who will be coordinating the project this year: NYC-based designer, writer, and radio show host Debbie Millman …who, when she’s not writing, hosts the provocative and award-winning internet talk show, “Design Matters” …and acclaimed designer Christopher Simmons who among other things is the principle creative director and founder of the noted San Francisco design office, MINE.”

I’ll start working on the synopsis and post my progress and hope for feedback from you. I do love hearing from you, and if my novel is chosen for some custom cover-art and design-work, you’ll get that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you were a part of making that happen. And you’ll get to see some cool art.