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BookLust’s Blog Tour – Check it out! “The A More Diverse Universe Blog Tour will take place from September 23rd to September 29th.  To participate, you need only read and review one book in the speculative fiction genre that was written by a person of color” (writes Aarti on her blog post). Or read the reviews now and pick up a few books of speculative fiction written by authors of color. As Hiromi Goto wrote (see below): “Let me dream in a language not my own.”

I missed signing up to join this (I’m not the best at informing myself in a timely fashion, searching the interwebs quickly and efficiently for information, ideas, and goings-on) but I did find it and I can read all the reviews and the great blog posts about diversity in spec fic, and so can you!
Here’s the review schedule,
and here’s the wrap-up.
As Hiromi Goto wrote (posted on the schedule page):

The resonance of culture is difficult to measure. It’s not the accumulation and arrangement of a numerous facts… I want to read stories and books that will let me see my world in different ways, not re-inscribe the world I’ve learned through the public education system and popular culture. Let me dream in a language not my own. –Hiromi Goto