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It’s the 31st of October…

Gluten-free ghost cookie relaxing in a coffee hot tub.

We’re at the end of a year, entering the space between– between life and death, between consciousness and subconsciousness, between waking and dreaming. We’re in that space and time Shakespeare referred to, why his lovers waited “a year and a day.” Cultures the world over and throughout history have marked this time of year with celebration.

Yes, I love Halloween! Autumn in general: smells of soil and decaying leaves, some winds redolent of snow, some of earth, the many memories associated with the smell of burning wood (and I’m sure they’re not all mine, that smell must be stamped in our genes by now, certainly in our collective unconscious).

Gluten-free witch cookie flies through an autumn night under a waxing gluten-free moon cookie.

Halloween is wonderful for all that plus the community involvement, the decorations, and the focus on what scares us – the unknown things that remind us of the abyss as well as the known which tell us we do not have ultimate control nor ultimate knowledge.

It’s great weather for long meandering walks that lead to wherever they lead. Great baking weather! It’s the time of year to get ready to hunker down, withdraw from outward showing and retreat into the interior – the home and the home of the soul.

Squirrel cookie contemplates “Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species – a Graphic Adaptation” by Michael Keller, especially the squirrel drawn running up a tree.

Yes, it’s great weather for contemplation, for thinking, and certainly for reading and writing (which is how I do a good portion of my thinking). Good time of year to get together with friends and read poetry aloud, drink some mulled cider or mulled wine, go apple picking, then come back home and cook and eat delicious food from your garden.

NaNoWriMo (starts tomorrow!) is perfectly scheduled – November, right smack in the middle of autumn leaning toward winter, it’s a great time to travel inward, to reflect, to feel the lengthening shadows crawl across the wall, stoke the fire, and tell tales from somewhere even you don’t know where they came from, from somewhere hidden inside only the darkening sky can illuminate. This is the time when fantasy is at our doorstep – we need just have the courage to open the door and step into the unknown beyond.

Bat cookie flutters about the cookie pumpkin patch.