I’ve updated my NaNo novel info. Just over half way there! And while my project has changed it still is a good challenge. Mostly I’ve decided not to restrict myself to the one novel “At the Table With Kings, or, The Gaia Project”. I am allowing for all my writing, including revisions of short stories (which is muuuuuch slower going than generative work – but a goal is a goal is a push).

If only when my cat “helped” me knit it would be useful, like this! Jenkins is a terror around string and yarn.

I only wish that I could somehow include in the word count the scarf I’m knitting for my niece. The one I’ve started four times and now must restart because I have realized I need to knit it on larger needles because someone is too stubborn to just look at a couple of patterns and get some ideas grounded in reality that way as opposed to going it at half-cocked and impatient with an I’ll-learn-as-I-go attitude which is just fine ordinarily but it’s cold out already and the child needs more scarves now, not next week.
No, I don’t know who that person might be.
Perhaps she’s procrastinating working on something else, like writing or something.
Just a hunch, I really don’t know.

It’s a bit drafty in our new home (along the floor) despite plasticing the windows and the sausage in front of the front door. I think house slippers are the perfect gift for us this Christmas. The gift we can give

They might not make ’em like this any more. But I will.

each other and enjoy together. Then, I want to knit these (buy house slippers first, then knit – my feet would freeze off before I finished knitting these)! Take a look. Those are some snazzy slippers, err, I mean bed socks. What are bed socks? that sounds so uncomfortable… unless you have a reallllly drafty house and short covers on your bed, in which case socks for the bed would be great.