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Not that one could tell from my blog activity, but I am indeed still among the living.

in a hot house with orchids

A friend took me to get some life energy: a hot house full of orchids, humidity, and warmth! It was amazing and, yes, warm – they have a coat rack just after you walk in. I thought that was so smart.

My friend and I will be going back in February when all the plants should be in full bloom. It was still gorgeous. All that green!

My favorite orchids are the tiny wee ones that grow on a bit of bark, with some moss tied on to hold it all together. These really are tiny! Here’s a wall of them hanging on their little shakes of wood and a closeup of one in bloom.teeny orchidwall of tiny orchids on barkorchids!Look at them all, blooming away like that’s what they do. Of course it is what they do. Some of what they do. The flower is no more the orchid than is the root – a paraphrase (I believe I’d read this originally referring to lilies, not orchids, but when in an orchid nursery…) Regardless, they bare their gorgeous sexy bits for the enjoyment of all. They do a good job of it, too. Despite my energy and mental clarity lows, I smiled and enjoyed myself and had a good time with my friend. Nothing like a walk through an orchid hot house in December (in the Northern hemisphere) to help lift the spirits.