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I am not going to work today, folks. Why? Because we here in Madison, WI are in the midst of a blizzard – first of the season! About a foot of wet, heavy snow and more to come! I know it’s heavy as I’ve been occasionally shoveling so as not to break my back doing so all at once after all the snow has all fallen.

Needless to say driving is impossible, so I am not driving a cab today. Our metro buses have cancelled service as well. If a bus can’t drive in the street a Prius sure won’t be able to either.  Just saying. Some people get upset that we can’t pick them up regardless of weather. The yellow color on the cab does not imbue it with special physics-busting powers. These are probably the same people that get upset that it takes longer to get to their destination during rush hour traffic. Again, the Prius is pretty awesome (average 45 mpg) but it does not come equipped with hovering ability, so waiting in traffic like all the other non-yellow cars is just how it is.

Sorry about the work-related rant. Thanks for indulging me.

Here are some pretty snow pictures I took last night and some I took an hour ago. Enjoy!