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And here we still are. Not terribly surprising. I wouldn’t want to calculate a calendar forever, either. At some point I would stop.
Those people of the future can figure the calculations out for themselves, I’d think. And my hands are cramping from all those calculations and all that writing. – so I imagine it may have gone.Osiris

Night Shade Books is having a giveaway today – free e-books! WastelandsRead about apocalypses and post- apocalyptic worlds. They offer three titles: Seed by Rob Ziegler, Osiris by E. J. Swift, and Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse edited by John Joseph Adams featuring short stories by the likes of Octavia E. Butler, SEEDStephen King, George R. R. Martin, Elizabeth Bear, Carol Emshwiller, and Cory Doctorow.

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(update) P.S. for info on how to read Mobi and Epub files on a PC check out this site, or do a search to find the appropriate information (I’m not endorsing the site or anything, just happened to find it and it led me to Borders site where I downloaded the conversion software – I didn’t even know who owned which type of file, so I had to educate myself).