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Sharing the good news with you! Two of my poems, “That Thief, Melancholy” and “I am the lost scarf chased by the wind, I am the snowdrift and the snow”, have been accepted by two very wonderful publications:

Stone Telling banner

At Stone Telling, co-editors Rose Lemberg and Shweta Narayan accepted “That Thief, Melancholy” for publication in Issue 10.

Theme: Body. From their website: “We are hoping to feature such themes as dis)abilities both physical and mental, neuroatypicality, queerness, aging, body acceptance, perceptions of beauty, as well as many others.”

Interfictions banner7

At Interfictions: A Journal of Interstitial Arts non-fiction and poetry editor, Sofia Samatar accepted my poem “I am the lost scarf chased by the wind, I am the snowdrift and the snow”.

Other editors are executive editor Delia Sherman, and fiction editors Christopher Barzak and Meghan McCarron. From their website: “Interfictions : A Journal of Interstitial Arts, is a web-based journal that extends the Interstitial Arts Foundation’s two-volume anthology series, Interfictions. As writers and editors with one foot in the academic literary community and one in the science fiction and fantasy community, we see the boundaries between genres and forms as permeable membranes, not fortified borders. Our mission is to gather pieces from wildly different corners of the writing, visual arts, and music worlds in order to showcase weird and wonderful work that falls outside conventional categories.”


I will be sure to let you know when those issues are live.