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Yes! In time for a Halloween treat, Interfictions issue 2 is live! It’s dark out, so curl up with a mug of something hot and read poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, or what might be classified as such if you didn’t look too closely at the edges.

Interfictions banner7With poetry from Nancy Hightower, Sonya Taaffe, Alexandra Seidel, poetry in photography/collage by Maria Romasco Moore, and poems to be listened to or read by Sara Norja, and myself (the poem I mentioned in a previous post, “I am the lost scarf chased by the wind, I am the snowdrift and the snow“).

Here is a drawing by Richard A. Kirk in Jeff VanderMeer’s Wonderbook, (2013 Abrams Image) (view book trailer on the book’s website or on youtube) that in a way, reminds me of my poem:

from Richard A. Kirk's Iconoclast series