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My flowerbed is an alien graveyard.

My brain was not cooperating with the whole writing thing today, so I did some gardening instead. Fresh air, soil, getting my hands dirty, nothing to think but be with the plants and worms. Good old physical labor and clean air.

Then I found these:
alien husksI hope they had a good life in the huge tree that shelters our house and in our yard that we let grow wild last summer. These little aliens now share a flowerbed with Irises and Daffodils, and an assortment of shade tolerant seeds including various Daisies, Foxglove, Poppies, Sweet William, and Blue Pimpernell among others.

it's only a gargoyle if water runs out it

It’s only a gargoyle if there’s water running through it.

They and our home are kept safe by our gargoyle:



…and there is.








all curled up

all curled up

And here’s some spring color, because it’s not all death and dormant seeds:DSCN0518


geranium bloom