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But first this blog post, “Still Writing, A Year After Odyssey“, by Bill Powell, one of my dear Odyssey class of 2013 fellows.

One thing with goals is to remember what they were and acknowledge when you’ve reached them. For instance, last year I’d told myself that I was going to a writing workshop. If I didn’t get into Odyssey, Clarion, or Clarion West I would sign up for workshops through the Iowa Summer Writing Festival. But one way or another, I was going somewhere and dedicating time, energy, and effort to my writing.

And I did. Which means I achieved a major writing goal.

It’s important to remember that I did this thing. Otherwise it’s a never ending list of what I must do’s without the acknowledgement of accomplishment or work and achievement.

And now I have a new goal with a deadline (end of August): I’m beta reading one of my other dear Odfellow’s novel. How exciting! So for the next seven weeks I’ll be reading, taking notes, and writing a critique of her novel.

And I’ll be focusing on my own writing (again, having fallen out of the habit for a few weeks). Which is a less concrete goal. More on how to deal with that later.

Almost a year since Odyssey. Thousands of words written, revised, submitted. Most of us are still together in regular contact. That’s accomplishment.

One of the wonderful things about that? As Bill wrote, we’re just getting started.

Pen On Top of Papers

Pen On Top of Papers