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Let’s just say you’ll be able to read something of mine at a very awesome site in the near future!

Also, it’s that time of year again!–time to apply to writing workshops. I’m applying Story Standards - What IS Good Enoughto Clarion this year. Odyssey was amazing and wonderful. I learned so much and met great writers many of whom are now my friends and writing partners. I’ve developed my craft and critical eye (read: I can’t just read a book or watch a movie anymore–I’m constantly analyzing and wondering at the poor writing, or awesome writing, as the case may be).

In the mean time, my apologies for having not posted lately. I’ve been writing and revising and general life things. Also, I’ve been thinking about re-working this website and/or starting an official website focusing more on writing and literature/cultural critique rather than the everything I’ve posted about here, in the past (which, granted, includes writing and literature stuff, but a whole lotta other things thrown in there as well).

I’ll report on my exciting news soon! Hurray!