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It’s been announced!
The Table of Content for The Book Smugglers “First Contact” series!
I am so honored to be among this fine group. Behold:

Application for the Delegation of First Contact: Questionnaire, Part B.
Written by Kathrin KöhlerLogo_Book_Smugglers_2_1500px_JPG-300x500
Available 05/19/15

The Merger
Written by Sunil Patel
Available 06/23/15

Written by A. E. Ash
Available 07/21/15

The Vishakanya’s Choice
Written by Roshani Chokshi
Available 08/25/15

You’ll find tantalizing descriptions of the stories here, (“a first encounter between a woman and a falling star” and “an alternate historical mythological fantasy yarn” and “we have an experimental short story that is actually a questionnaire. (Or is it a questionnaire that is an experimental short story? You decide!)” and more!).

The post includes a list of favorite First Contact stories by the authors. It’s a great list of books which added to my own Must Read list.

The Book Smugglers' BannerHaven’t read the Fall 2014 Subversive Fairy Tales, yet? They’re amazing stories. Treat yourself. Stories can be found here for free on-line (and includes a story by my Odyssey Workshop cohort and friend, Kate Hall–“The Astronomer Who Met the North Wind“), and can be purchased here along with too many beautiful goodies (gorgeous tote bags, I tell you! I mean, I can always use another book bag, can’t you? Oooh, I think this means there will be more gorgeous tote bags and posters soon… Totally a guess, not official, but wouldn’t First Contact pretties go so nicely with Fairy Tale pretties? I get ahead of myself… stories first to open the imagination and play and dream, book bags later to help carry more imagination home from the library and bookstore).

art by Sally Jane Thompson

Astronomer art by Sally Jane Thompson