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Book Smugglers FIRSTCONTACT logoI’m thrilled to be a part of the Book Smugglers “First Contact” Issue. My story, “Application for the Delegation of First Contact: Questionnaire, Part B” is available here.

You can download the PDF or scroll through the PDF online. You can read and answer the questions in whatever format you desire or just read the questions and ponder them without responding and applying for the Delegation of First Contact. It’s up to you.

You can also read my essay about the inspirations and influences that led me to write this strange little story in questionnaire format here. I mention Carl Sagan, the Dreamtime, and quote a quatrain of Rumi’s.

The Book Smugglers will publish the full issue, one story per month, on their website. Don’t miss:
“The Merger” by Sunil Patel, available 06/23/15;
“Luminous” by A. E. Ash, available 07/21/15; or
“The Vishakanya’s Choice” by Roshani Chokshi, available 08/25/15!

You can read about these stories and recommended books of First Contact here.