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MSJcoverAutumn2014My short story “Backlash of the Rapunzel Incident” will be published in August 2016 in the Mad Scientist Journal! Well, I can’t really take the credit since it is Frau Doktor J. G. Holzinger’s, Assistant Professor of Social Behavior and Antiquities, proposal for funding which I merely stumbled upon and forwarded to the Journal. I’m really looking forward to sharing her quirky, fun, alt-alt-historical political thriller of a tale with you later this year, which is to say this is a completely serious and academically fascinating project. I hope she gets her funding.

You’ve let your subscription falter or haven’t heard of this fine Journal? From their “About” page:

Though initially established in 1818, time travel has allowed The Mad Scientist Journal MSJ-spring-2015 coverto become the preeminent scientific journal for atypical scientific theories and journeys throughout all of space and time.

Or maybe that’s not actually true. Perhaps it is more accurate to describe this as a mad-scientist themed e-zine. If you are interested in writing for us, please check out our submissions page.

The Mad Scientist Journal is edited by Jeremy Zimmerman and Dawn Vogel.

MadScientist Autumn-2015-Ebook-Cover

A new story or article is published every Monday. Every Monday.

MadScientist Summer 2015_EBook_cover

Will let you all know when publication is imminent!

In the mean time, happy cold and snow (for us Northern Hemispherers).