Where you can find my fiction:

“Stars Reflected in Every Drop”tethys-squarenew-version-with-text

is in Pantheon Magazine’s Tethys issue!

Maria Haskins‏ called “Stars Reflected in Every Drop” a “luminous story.”






“If a bear…”cropped-500px-shimmermarch18.jpg

is published in Shimmer Magazine’s 42nd issue. Shimmer says that “Issue #42 of Shimmer contains the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Promise.” It also contains fantastic writing.






“Girl Singing with Farm”

is published by Reckoning Press. Reckoning publishes creative writing on environmental justice. Their issues are absolutely packed with amazing writing – stories and prose and other genres. All contents available online, or for purchase as print or e-book. Please check them out!

This story was reviewed in the Barnes & Nobel Sci-Fi & Fantasy Short Fiction Roundup: March 2018.

This strange and moving story by Kathrin Köhler is set in a society where people exploit peculiar beasts called “farms” for food. The farms are alive and sentient, but kept in terrible conditions while the food that grows on them is harvested. One girl learns to communicate with the farm her family owns, but in this strictly traditional and patriarchal society, the bond is not tolerated, and its consequences are severe. A beautiful, incisive read.


“Application for the Delegation of First Contact: Book Smugglers FIRSTCONTACT logoQuestionnaire, Part B”

is in The Book Smugglers’ First Contact issue. You can read it on their website, or purchase it along with the other First Contact stories from the Book Smugglers directly, or from these other sites: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Smashwords.

This story was mentioned in’s article “Six Works of SFF Short Fiction that Defy Convention” by Thea James, and by Cora Buhlert on SF Signal’s MindMeld feature under “What Makes the Perfect Short Story.”


The following are authors whose works I have read and enjoyed:
Mary Rickert
Ursula K. Le Guin,
Margo Lanagan,
Sofia Samatar,
Rochita Loenen-Ruiz,
Karin Tidbeck,
Maureen McHugh,
Kim Stanley Robinson,
Jeffrey Ford,
Octavia E. Butler,
Nora Jemisin,
Hiromi Goto,
Nisi Shawl,
Catherynne Valente,
Nalo Hopkinson,
Christopher Barzak
Isak Dinesen, Michael Ende, Walter M. Miller Jr., and so many more.

A great purveyor and publisher of stories: Small Beer Press. Check them out! Their “Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet” is a superlative zine which features a chocolate option for subscription! Can’t beat that.

And some other magazines and publishers of excellent speculative fiction: Uncanny MagazineThe World SF Blog (though “closed” the site is still up), Lightspeed Magazine, Fantasy Magazine (which is now merged with Lightspeed), Apex Magazine,, Interfictions, and more to come…

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