About Kathrin Köhler

Odyssey 2013 flash fiction slam

Giving a reading at the 2013 Odyssey flash fiction slam.

I’m a poet who has developed the bad habit of writing fiction. Most of my work would be considered speculative–if I had to pick a genre (which I don’t like having to do), that’s what I would pick. “Speculative” as in science fiction and fantasy, and all the other genres with awesome names like interstitial, slipstream, magic realism, steam punk, and simply “the weird.” It’s clearly where the future is being made and the past is unfolding.

My writing is informed by my experiences growing up as an immigrant in the US, and by my interests in exploring what it means to belong, how narrative shapes reality, how we internalize social power structures, and how people create and interact with their environment.

I am a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop, where, for six weeks, the inestimable Jeanne Cavelos taught me more than I dreamed possible about writing in general, about writing speculative fiction in particular, and about my own strengths as a writer.

I currently live in Madison, WI, where I graduated with Distinguished Honors from the University of Wisconsin.


1 thought on “About Kathrin Köhler”

  1. Emma Kabe said:

    I have read your poetry today with my friend Eva and then we listened to you read your poetry. I heard you, we heard you. Strong voice, dear. It moves and focuses inside. mkb

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